Thursday, April 2, 2015

travel report(paris)

Paris France a place where you could go with that special somebody or go by your self  and enjoy a wide variety activities. Like enjoy a nice dinner of french foods. Maybe go see the setting sun and the Eiffel Tower. And see the landscape of France.
So first I talked food yah they have tons of it. Like maybe you could have a french dip sandwich or sample some of Frances cheese. You might be able to get a reservation at one of the fancy restaurants or just get kicked out trying. Go to a roadside cafe and drink some coffee . 
Next go to Eiffel Tower and see the sunset or look at the history of the architecture. You could look through one of those binocular things and see the town. Next maybe just walk around and see the town.
Next, you wanna see a museum. For Paris has as many museums as it has rats. So much history like the cobble paved roads and the building so close to gather.  The architecture  so historic so old and antique seems like your part part of history itself.
And  after all that  traveling around Paris seeing every thing I think you want to go to your hotel and sleep the day and night away. And I say nobody in Paris has a voice in their head telling them where to go and do ,your just crazy and hope you have a good night. 

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