Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska Poem

A fine state with amazing wild life..
Like the cats and elk..
You can see the cats on the farm chasing mice
The elk run...
You can taste the rich, tender, mouthwatering, premium cut of sirloin..
You can wash it down with a glass of thirst quenching, silky smooth, cold milk that makes you drink more and more....
Nebraska is a fine state...

Concrete Poem

Creepers Hiss...
      Creepers stalk....
Creepers go BOOM.....
      Creepers got frightened when a cat is
            They will not get closer to the CAT...
When you kill the creepers they drop..
      Don't get too close or they will go..


Ode to O'Neill

O'Neill was where I was born
I learned to walk and talk
Went to school
Moved to different houses all over
Even found a stray cat on the road
Had Christmas every year
Met all my friends
Some went, some stayed...
But I ode everything to O'Neill..

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


today i class we did poems about personification and whatched a video