Friday, October 31, 2014


guys help out your local animal shelter adopt a cat and donate money help join the black smiths

Corpse Party

Its feb 29 8:00 pm night in ohs my 3 friends  and I are searching for a ghost. We decide to  split up to search the halls faster , and out of the blue the   air turned to an ominous fog. the fog fog was thick so thick   that i couldn’t  see my my shoulders, but my pocket torch  cut through the fog like a knife through warm butter . then I saw the ghost he had ghostly brown hair, eyes as blue as the moon,and he wore a tattered school uniform the whites turned brown from the dirt of the grave, and yet the blues look clean and flawless.
Then it happened the  ghost saw me I knew i had to run to live and I did  but every where I go the ghost was there before me . I then ran into him and yet he didn't say anything i then thought  he was  mute. and then it happened he summoned four tentacles out of a portal but the tentacles didn't grab my body ,but my soul i tried kicking jabbing and even screaming for the tentacles to let go but nothing worked but my friends heard my scream and ran to  my soul getting dragged down to depths of  hades . And that was the last time my friends saw me.

Then I saw my soulless corpse it was laying down but it took its last breath when its soul left it and i saw saw the face turn blue because my corpse forgot every thing even breathing  and i watched as my soulless cores while  my ghost  murderer laughed at the death of my corps. And thats why you never go to ohs on the extra day of the leap year because the barrier between the living and the dead is weakend allowing the dead to kill the living. And that is the legend of the corpse  party

Friday, October 17, 2014

made it to 200

guys i made it to 200 has thanks guys for al your support and liking my blog now if i can be 100 followers that be awesome so lets shoot for that goal later now

at 200

guys when i get too 200 page views  ill post mores often for you guys

what is bacon

bacon is pork cut into long tasty strips and it can be eaten two ways so if you don't like bacon your an alien

Halloween at Hogwarts

Period 2

Halloween at Hogwarts

At Hogwarts the Halloween feast is here.  I went to the banquet hall and naturally i sit with my house the Slytheren . The food  that came on my plate was candy corn on the cob, gummy worms, cookies, shrimp, crab, lobster and lamb. I ate till i was full.  When I was done, a ghost jumped out and spooked me so I casted a spell on him. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am

1 It's hard to use i movie t put a video
2 it won't let you edit.
3 You should't be embarrassed of who you are.