Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bedroom

Here is my room. It has a big, full size bed with small covers in the middled of it. My covers are red.  I always untuck them so they cover me. I have a clean brown wood  dresser with clothes in it with a tv that constantly plays cartoons. I occasionally get a visit from my white cat who has big black splotches on him.  I have boxes of Yugio cards behind my pillows.  The boxes are what my cards came in.
The carpet in my room is very plush and soft. Its white with horizontal brown stripes.  The windows in my room are all on the left side and are covered by “How to Train Your Dragon” curtains. In the bottom right corner of my room there is a closet with mirrors on it. I am rich beyond measure because its my room with all my treasures.

Friday, August 22, 2014

youtube channel review

hi blog it blacksmith i had to forge something for link so thats why i didn't forge a new post earlier so now I'm reviewing the youtube channel called the diamond mine cart i watched some of his videos and id give him 3 stars because his shows are kid friendly a bit funny and very well played out but he lost 2 stars because it dint have enough action and he plays a lot of mine craft but i like  his videos so check him out and maybe you like his videos and maybe even subscribe. and blog it black smith will forge you a new post tomorrow and check out the diamond mine cart also known as TDM

whats about this channel

Hi im blog it blacksmith and ill be forging  new posts every day for you guys. but this blog will be about how i rate youtube channels restaurants and video games. and remember ill forge a post later this day.