Friday, August 21, 2015

video game review

warning this will contain spoilers
pokemon omega ruby  one of the best pokemon games i will be going through the playthourgh and how i like the game
the games story was great with great pokemon to catch i loved the 3d graphics and my favorite part is that rayquaza could mega evolve so you should get the game


hello was up ill be making a new blog soon so if you wanna transfer over to the new channel you can do it

Friday, May 8, 2015

choose your own adventure story

Today me and my partner made a choose your own adventure story.
we made it by using keynote and others programs.
it turned out great
i liked that it was and interactive story and but what i didn't like was was at first my partner wasn't gonna give me any credit for the work I've done

post in the comments if you have ever had trouble with a partner

Friday, April 17, 2015

my inperastion

Mrs. Schueth is my inspiration because she treats everybody with respect . She is a good teacher and she's helpful.
She is nice because she treats everybody with respect and is nice to a kid who has had something bad happen to them. While other teachers just yell at the kid and tell them to get back to work not even caring about the kid’s problem. Mrs. Schueth also doesn't yell at kids who aren't working because it'll disturb others unlike most teachers. 
Mrs. Schueth also is helpful helping a kid work out the problems with homework that confuses them. She doesn’t yell at a student to make them work but asks politely. She will also give pencils to students who need em.
Mrs. Schueth also is a good teacher because she treats the kids kindly and with respect. She will help a kid with homework and  will only yell when needed to. 

Mrs. Schueth is my inspiration because she’s nice, helpful and a good teacher. She helps kids get better grades and help improve at school.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

travel report(paris)

Paris France a place where you could go with that special somebody or go by your self  and enjoy a wide variety activities. Like enjoy a nice dinner of french foods. Maybe go see the setting sun and the Eiffel Tower. And see the landscape of France.
So first I talked food yah they have tons of it. Like maybe you could have a french dip sandwich or sample some of Frances cheese. You might be able to get a reservation at one of the fancy restaurants or just get kicked out trying. Go to a roadside cafe and drink some coffee . 
Next go to Eiffel Tower and see the sunset or look at the history of the architecture. You could look through one of those binocular things and see the town. Next maybe just walk around and see the town.
Next, you wanna see a museum. For Paris has as many museums as it has rats. So much history like the cobble paved roads and the building so close to gather.  The architecture  so historic so old and antique seems like your part part of history itself.
And  after all that  traveling around Paris seeing every thing I think you want to go to your hotel and sleep the day and night away. And I say nobody in Paris has a voice in their head telling them where to go and do ,your just crazy and hope you have a good night. 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

daily blogger

In class  3/20/15 we did research on a place we want to go to

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska Poem

A fine state with amazing wild life..
Like the cats and elk..
You can see the cats on the farm chasing mice
The elk run...
You can taste the rich, tender, mouthwatering, premium cut of sirloin..
You can wash it down with a glass of thirst quenching, silky smooth, cold milk that makes you drink more and more....
Nebraska is a fine state...